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Our Expertise

The Lumenere Group (TLG) excels in creating exclusive, memorable customer experiences for discerning audiences. Specializing in face-to-face marketing, TLG crafts unique moments that not only captivate but also build deep connections with affluent customers. Our focus is on designing Acquisition and Engagement events that go beyond the ordinary, fostering loyalty and driving business growth.

Our strength lies in our ability to blend creativity with precision, delivering experiences that resonate on an emotional level while meeting strategic objectives. With a keen understanding of human psychology, we design events that enhance brand loyalty, stimulate growth, and encourage word-of-mouth promotion.

At TLG, our mission is clear: to elevate your brand and engage your audience in profound ways, ensuring your business achieves remarkable success. With our deep insight into the preferences of affluent customers, we are your partners in creating experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Our Process



Effective engagement requires understanding your audience deeply. TLG conducts thorough research to connect with your target audience on a profound level because true connection requires knowing who you’re connecting with.



Strategic planning is crucial for success. We collaborate with leaders to craft a roadmap directly to your goals. Our experiences, from concept to execution, stand out and resonate with your audiences, positively influencing them.



We leverage human psychology to create impactful experiences that drive measurable ROI. Our creative expertise and strategic thinking ensure lasting impact, helping you achieve goals efficiently.



TLG curates unique, appealing content for our end-customers. We curate elements locally and globally, ensuring a memorable experience at every stage, from design to sourcing.



We excel in flawless experience execution, managing the full production with meticulous detail. Our focus on the end-goal ensures your vision comes to life with precision and expertise.



We continuously improve, measuring performance at each project stage. This allows us to adjust and exceed expectations, delivering exceptional results consistently.

Case Studies

Acquisition Experience for Preferred Bank Clients

Banking / Finance

CIMB Preferred Bank, UltraLuxe

Our objective over a 10-day period is to engage and acquire both new and existing High Net Worth (HNW) clients—both local and foreign—who perfectly match the bank’s ideal customer profile.

This initiative aims to deepen relationships with current clients while strategically expanding our client base by connecting with potential customers who embody the financial stature and lifestyle that align with the bank’s services and values.

In partnership with CIMB Preferred Bank, Kevin and the team from UltraLuxe Global orchestrated an invite-only, bespoke 10-day experience tailored for Ultra-High and High Net-Worth individuals.

Our challenge was ambitious: to engage over 860 guests while maintaining an intimate and personalized experience. We achieved this by designing each encounter for small groups of 20, enhancing personal interaction and deepening the impact of each moment.

Understanding the unique psychology of our elite clientele was key. These were individuals for whom exclusivity meant more than just high price tags; it meant accessing the inaccessible. Our strategy revolved around curating items and experiences that were not just lavish but also rare and emotionally resonant. This approach went beyond conventional luxury, aiming to stimulate both emotional and intellectual engagement.

The highlight of our collaboration with CIMB Bank was the creation of truly unparalleled experiences. Guests were treated to rarities such as Albino Caviar, a 56-Carat Canary Diamond, and the world’s Largest South-sea Pearl. These items, emblematic of ultimate luxury, were part of a curated journey that included a Michelin-starred Jewelry pairing, among other unique experiences.

By prioritizing intimacy and exclusivity, we succeeded in creating a series of memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that resonated deeply with the attendees, aligning seamlessly with CIMB Bank’s philosophy of providing exceptional service and unparalleled offerings to its clients.

Our keen insight into the sophisticated tastes of high-net-worth (HNW) individuals enabled us to craft experiences that encouraged intimate conversations and connections, laying the foundation for client relationships and acquisition. In partnership with UltraLuxe, we introduced an exclusive VVIP section, elevating the event’s luxury quotient.

This initiative not only achieved but surpassed CIMB’s goals for engagement and client acquisition, underscored by personalized and exclusive interactions.

The essence of our strategy lay in understanding that for our elite guests, true exclusivity extended beyond mere expense to the realm of the rare and emotionally stirring. We curated not just opulent, but also unique and intellectually stimulating experiences, transcending traditional definitions of luxury.

Our innovative approach and meticulous execution were recognized with a nomination for the Markies Marketing Award for “Best Experiential Campaign in 2023”.

This project stands as a testament to our expertise in marrying luxury with strategic insight to deliver experiences that not only captivate our high-caliber clientele but also significantly advance our clients’ business goals.

Elevated VIP Concert Experience

Entertainment / Concert Promotion

Avex Asia / Marina Bay Sands

Our objective was to revolutionize the KYGO concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, turning it into an unmatched VIP and Event Sponsor experience that sets a new benchmark in entertainment. We aimed to transform underutilized spaces into premium areas, enhancing the overall experience and simultaneously generating a profitable revenue stream.

This dual approach was designed to not only elevate the attendee experience but also to ensure financial success, redefining the standards of event monetization and luxury entertainment.

In a collaboration with Avex Asia, we transformed the KYGO Concert experience at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 5, 2018. Our strategic approach turned the conventional standing area into a lucrative VIP zone, skillfully balancing risk and reward. We introduced an exclusive VIP entrance, offering an expedited check-in process that immediately immersed guests in an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury.

The centerpiece of our redesign was an elevated platform set behind the general standing area, featuring 11 luxury sections with plush leather sofas. Each section accommodated up to 10 guests, offering both intimacy and ample space, thus redefining the concert experience. This setup not only provided an unparalleled view of the stage but also an exclusive, comfortable setting that stood out from traditional concert seating.

Utilizing TLG’s experiential platform, GoLivMo, we strategically targeted and acquired customers matching the specific demographic and psychographic profiles of discerning individuals who value such enhanced experiences. Our innovative design offered an alternative to conventional box-suites, placing VIP guests at the heart of the action, right at stage level.

This initiative not only elevated the guest experience but also established a new benchmark for VIP treatment at major entertainment events.

In reimagining the KYGO Concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, our vision was to offer an unparalleled experience, unlike anything available at global concerts. This unique proposition intrigued customers, who were willing to invest in this new, untested model. Our meticulous planning involved multiple customer touchpoints beyond the standout feature of the VIP leather sofa section, ensuring a comprehensive and peak experience.

Understanding the significance of space and social interaction, or proxemics, we designed the layout to optimize engagement and comfort. The seating arrangements alternated between square formations for a more formal vibe and circular setups to promote active participation. Strategic table placements further enhanced the sense of privacy and comfort, creating an ideal environment for interaction and enjoyment.

Beyond the physical layout, the VIP experience was elevated with exclusive butler service, providing gourmet canapés, skewers, wagyu sliders, and champagne, alongside a handpicked selection of other beverages. Guests had the opportunity to customize their experience further with bespoke food and drink packages.

The highlight of the night was a private afterparty for the VIP guests at Lavo, Marina Bay Sands, featuring an intimate performance by KYGO, culminating the tour in style. We also offered optional private limousine transfers to ensure a seamless and luxurious journey from start to finish, making the entire experience not just memorable but emblematically personalized to each guest’s preferences.

Captivating Large Audiences for Global Change

Movie Premiere (Marketing)  / Entertainment, NGO

Sony Studios (North America), Marina Bay Sands, Earth Hour-WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Our goal was to launch ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ in Singapore, uniquely intertwining it with Earth Hour to boost global environmental awareness. We aimed to achieve dual objectives: driving significant ticket sales for the movie while also elevating the profile and mission of Earth Hour.

Through this strategic partnership, we sought to not only entertain but educate, leveraging the movie’s excitement to spotlight Earth Hour’s critical message and its core environmental philosophies.

In a collaborative effort with Sony Studios, Marina Bay Sands, and the World Wildlife Fund, we coordinated a landmark experience for the launch of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ in Singapore. This event was not just a film premiere but a powerful platform aligned with Earth Hour’s global campaign to “Use Your Power” for planet conservation, magnifying its reach and impact.

Our partnership involved multiple stakeholders, but TLG’s focus was twofold: we aimed to deliver an extraordinary experience for the audience and ensure a memorable and meaningful stay for the visiting celebrities, including stars like Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, and Andrew Garfield.

Our comprehensive approach ensured that every aspect of their visit was seamlessly orchestrated, from their participation in the event to their engagements throughout Singapore.

The event achieved a record attendance of approximately 9,000 people, drawing together movie fans, environmental advocates, and the film’s star-studded cast and crew. This dynamic convergence not only celebrated the movie’s themes but also spotlighted environmental action. As Earth Hour’s first-ever superhero ambassador, Spider-Man epitomized empowerment, encouraging individuals to take active steps toward saving the planet. This innovative integration of film promotion with environmental advocacy marked a significant milestone in both cinematic and global conservation efforts.

The pinnacle of the event was the Earth Hour’s Lights Off ceremony held at The Float@Marina Bay. As the lights of Singapore’s iconic skyline were extinguished, the city united in a dramatic display of commitment to environmental preservation. This flagship event not only demonstrated the power of community action but also established Singapore as a crucial center for Earth Hour’s worldwide initiatives.

Our design philosophy centered on fostering active participation, transforming attendees from passive observers into proactive advocates for environmental conservation.

This approach deepened the event’s impact, imbuing each participant with a profound sense of involvement and responsibility towards the cause. The shared experience of watching the city’s lights dim resonated deeply, reinforcing the message of collective power in environmental stewardship.

This innovative integration of a movie premiere with environmental advocacy established a new benchmark for how entertainment and social responsibility can intersect to forge a meaningful and impactful experience. By blending the allure of a major film event with the urgency of global conservation, we set a precedent for future events, demonstrating that the film industry can play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices and awareness on a grand scale.


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