Suzy Amis Cameron held a fundraiser for her Calabasas-based MUSE School. This fundraiser was like no other. It was for a pre-screening of James Cameron’s (Titanic-fame) much anticipated film, AVATAR, while it was in the midst of production. Seats were sold to the fundraiser at a private screening theatre on the studio lot.

MUSE Elementary, is a non-profit, educational organization in Topanga, California, is dedicated to empowering children to realize the full potential of their lives through academic excellence, personal responsibility, compassionate relations, global consciousness and environmental awareness. On a magical 22-acre campus in Topanga Canyon, California, children from across the socio-economic spectrum come together at MUSE Elementary, a progressive, independent, non-profit school presently offering Early Childhood Education through 5th Grade. Here, young minds are stimulated and respected experienced-based learning, bodies are nurtured with fresh organic foods and an honor for all living things, including the planet, is cultivated daily. At Muse, children are free to design and direct their own plays, gather in a kind of tribal counsel to celebrate birthdays and roam the bucolic acreage studying puddle water, collecting bees and rock hunting — all in the name of education. The MUSE Elementary Scholarship Fund enables us to provide financial aid to nearly 50% of our families.

MUSE Global, our growing international education and outreach program, facilitates real-world friendships, deep cultural understanding and meaningful shared projects between MUSE Elementary students and students at partner schools Mana Tamariki in New Zealand and Good Morning School on the Thai/Burma (Myanmar) border. The Global Program also enables us to provide educational and financial resources to a partner school with substantial needs. In Mae Sot, Thailand, just across the Thai/Burnmese (Myanmar) border, Good Morning School educates the children of migrant workers who have escaped genocide in Burma (Myanmar.) As MUSE works to help them achieve a sustainable future, the children are sharing curricula, working cooperatively and experiencing the cultural appreciation that brings the concept of compassionate global citizenry to life. Every child has a unique spark. MUSE feeds the fire.

Muse Elementary was founded by Suzy Cameron in 2006.

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