We help companies meet strategic, capital and investment objectives.


Creative approach to Capital

The Lumenere Capital Group advises and invests in early and growth-stage ventures by partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs and capital partners worldwide. We provide capital and development advisory services that help clients create and act upon opportunities for liquidity, growth, and long-term advantage.

In today’s uncertain business climate, it is becoming more critical for companies to have ready access to capital and effective capital structures. We are focused in assisting clients in finding capital and financing opportunities that help them to achieve their strategic objectives.

The Lumenere Capital Group embraces a strong entrepreneurial spirit and works alongside ambitious founders to create successful companies. The Lumenere Capital Group develops capital solutions tailored to your unique needs and engage the appropriate resources. 

We tailor Terms and structure to navigate market conditions and client objectives.
We engage prospective businesses across technology, entertainment and blockchain sectors. 
Our working relationship begins by discovering and understanding your environment and goals. 
We utilize strategic industry experts and partners in order to fully leverage our firm’s unique areas of product and industry expertise.
We open doors to well-known, brand-name firms as well as highly specialized, “off the beaten path” capital providers.